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Three Reasons to See A Dermatologist

Three Reasons to See A Dermatologist


How do you know when to see a dermatologist? If any one of the following describes you, it’s time to schedule an appointment.


  1. You notice a new (or changing) mole or mark.

  2. Your acne has not improved with conservative treatment or is leaving scars.

  3. You are interested in cosmetic treatments and want the opinion of an expert in the field.  


Before making the call, be sure that your appointment is with the right dermatologist for you.  Here’s how:


  • Look for the letters. If there’s an FRCPC after their name, that means they are certified as a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada; a dermatologist is a doctor with the proper credentials. Anyone offering services as a “skin specialist” might have an interest in skincare, but may not have any official schooling.  

  • Research their reputation. Do they have a university appointment or affiliation? Do their values and aesthetics align with yours?

  • Visit their office. Is it clean and well maintained? Are the staff members welcoming and able to answer your questions? Do you have a good rapport with the doctor? A patient/doctor relationship is just like every other relationship. When you have a good rapport with your dermatologist you get the best possible treatment results.

  • Call us at 647-351-9277 for more information. With a combined 27 years of training and dermatology practice, our experts can answer any questions you may have about processes and procedures, skin care, and more.   


We want you to find the right dermatologist. Call us today to schedule your consultation, 647-351-9277.   



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