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Reduce Tired Aged Skin with Chemical Peels

Sciton NanoLaser Peel & MicroLaser Peel

Both the NanoLaser and MicroLaser Peels work by removing the superficial layer of your skin to reduce the tired, aged look to reveal the silky smooth skin underneath. Conditions that are effectively treated with either of these peels include mild wrinkles, scars, keratosis, sun damage and pigment inconsistencies. MLP & NLP are a step up from BBL treatment and are commonly referred to as the “weekend peel” - make your appointment Friday, recover over the weekend, and show off Monday. The recovery period of 2-3 days allows the dehydrated skin to peel away from your face as well as allows any mild redness or swelling to subside. These peels are great on their own or in combination with other products and cosmetic procedures.

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