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The new power couple: BBL + Clear & Brilliant

 The new power couple: BBL + Clear & Brilliant

As much as we love spending time with our patients, we know frequent visits to the office aren’t always practical. That’s why we’ve created a treatment that combines two client favorites—Broadband Light (BBL) and Clear + Brilliant—in one, convenient appointment.

When these procedures are done back to back, significant results are seen—more so than if you do them on their own. We call this dynamic duo The Illuminator. 

It targets:

  • Blood vessels
  • Redness
  • Dark spots
  • Pores
  • And texture

Yes, all of that. The Illuminator is designed to help transform your skin quickly, and with little recovery, in time for spring trips to the cottage. 

Aging is natural, but no one said you have to look your age. If you’re interested in younger, radiant skin (who are we kidding—we all are) schedule your appointment now. 

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